Therabis: Stop the Itch


Therabis Stop the Itch uses the hemp plant and other powerful ingredients to help soothe your furry friends itchy skin!

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Who hasn’t witnessed your pet scratching themselves? I’m sure everyone has, and that’s fine, the issue is when the once in a while scratch turns into an all out war on your furry friends skin. Most pets, much like their human companions, have allergies. Whether it be the season outside or a certain skin issue, many different irritants can cause an obsessed and very uncomfortable animal.

Now this year can be different, Stop The Itch has a unique formula of hemp-derived phytonutrients and vitamins

Therabis is simple to use on a daily basis. Simply shake and spread one full packet onto your dogs normal food once a day.

Stop the Itch is available in three diffrent sizes.

For Small (1 lb – 20 lbs) – has 3mg CBD hemp oil per packet
Medium (21 lbs- 60 lbs) – has 5mg CBD hemp oil per packet
Large (61 lbs and above) – has 6mg CBD hemp oil per packet


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