Tasty Drops Tincture


Tasty Drops are made with a reliable, tested raw hemp oil extract from Europe. Tasty drops also have a proprietary blend of cannabinoids in every bottle. Just like all our products on THECBDSHED this is non psychoactive.

1oz (300mg)
Made in the USA from imported hemp.

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What to do with Tasty Drops

From the manufacturer they recommend a serving of 15 drops one or two times daily. That equates to about 7.5mg of CBD per 15 drops. Now this serving size may be perfect for some but others will need to adjust that serving size. We have to understand that ever mammal is different genetically and serving size does vary. Through out the CBD industry there is not set serving size. Most clinical trials and research has been based on 10-20 mg per dose once or twice daily. We do encourage experimentation just like with any of our products to find the best serving size for you personally.

To utilize Tasty Drops simply put drops under the tongue and hold it there for about 60-90 seconds, and then swallow. What you are doing by putting it under your tongue is letting the body absorb it much quicker then just swallowing the Tasty Drops. (We know they are Tasty but we promise holding it under your tongue is very beneficial)


Raw Hemp Oil, Organic and Natural Flavors, Grapeseed Oil, MCT Oil, Terpenes


Please do not take if pregnant or lactating. Always advise your medical professional before changing your diet with anything new. We do not intend to diagnose,cure,prevent, or treat any disease. These statements are not evaluated by the food and drug administration (FDA)

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