CBDfx: Chill Shot


Here it is ready for your on the go lifestyle. The CBDfx chill shot is filled with so many great things for your body. Each bottle contains 20mg of full spectrum CBD and 200mg of L-Theanine.

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These CBDfx chill shots are great for on the go people like yourself. They are full of so many great ingredients other then CBD. One of them L- Theanine (an amino acid) has been shown to work with your body to improve its natural defense system. L- Theanine can reduce stress, anxiety and lower your cortisol levels. What a combo with the power of CBD!


Ingredients: full spectrum CBD,  L- Theanine, USP Water, Natural Lemon Flavors, Citric Acid, Soy Lecithin, Sodium Chloride, Sucralose, Sodium Benzoate, Gellan Gum


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