Active Oil CBD Concentrate Dab



100% Pure Activated CBD oil derived from hemp (no fillers or preservatives)

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We have super potent CBD dabs and we ship to all 50 states! Choose from 25%, 50%, and 75% CBD dabs from Active CBD oil. Super yellow, super pure, super potent!  All dabs are derived from imported industrial hemp and came from farms that are Non-GMO where no pesticides or harsh chemicals were used.  Works great with the G-pen dry concentrate vaporizer or any dab rig. If your looking for even higher CBD content check out our 99% pure CBD isolate that can also be dabbed HERE! Every gram comes in its own Acrylic container with a non-stick silicone liner AND dab tool! 

A note on consistency:  Generally speaking the higher the concentration the more “waxy/clumpy” it will be and the lower the concentration of CBD the more “oily” it will be.

1x = 25% CBD/volume (250mg CBD/Gram)

2x = 50% CBD/volume (500mg CBD/Gram)

3x = 75% CBD/volume (750mg CBD/Gram)


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