Active CBD oil 99% CBD Isolate Hemp Powder


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Great for baking or making your own CBD concoctions.  This hemp powder is over 99% pure CBD and contains no THC.  This powder is tasteless and odorless making it really easy to add to recipes that contain an oil, fat, or solvent (basically anything baked that contains butter, vegetable oil, artificial flavoring etc).  This powder can also be added to dabs, or be vaporized in a dry concentrate vaporizer all on its own.  This 99% isolate will absorb water if it is left out which will reduce the CBD content per gram from about 99% to 94%.  When your product is shipped it weighs 1 gram but if it absorbs water on its way to you it will weigh more but will be less than 99% CBD by volume.  We have included 2 labs to show how this effects potency per gram.  This does not change the fact that you will be receiving at least 990mg of CBD for every gram ordered.

See the dry lab results HERE

See the lab results after the powder has been exposed to the air for 24 hrs HERE

You can also use it for dabs, smoking, vaping and more.

Please note that this is VERY concentrated so if you are needing a small dose of CBD you will need to “cut it” or add it to a larger base to easily discern amounts and mg’s of CBD per dose.


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