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The CBD Effect

The Benefits of CBD/Hemp Oil


When some people hear the words CBD or hemp oil, they may have some misconceptions about what the product actually is. CBD/hemp oil is a health supplement which is derived from the hemp plant and which has many known and scientifically proven health benefits.


While many people are used to taking supplements like vitamins and minerals in order to improve their general health and well-being, CBD/hemp oil is still quite new to the market and its many benefits are not yet well known. The good news, however, is that scientific studies have demonstrated that CBD is an extremely powerful supplement that not only has anti-inflammatory properties but can actually help to treat many serious conditions which modern medicine can not yet effectively treat.


What Is CBD Hemp Oil?


CBD (or cannabidiol) is one of the cannabinoids which can be found in the hemp plant. Thanks to its unique properties, it can help to reduce anxiety, pain and spasms without any unwanted side effects. This makes CBD hemp oil an ideal alternative to many traditional pharmaceutical treatments which can cause a raft of associated problems.

What Can CBD Hemp Oil Treat?


There are a great many medical problems which CBD hemp oil is known to be effective in treating. Some of these include:



CBD has been shown in the past to successfully stop the growth of cancer cells and even, in some cases, to kill them. Thanks to its anti-tumor effect it could be a suitable complementary therapy to work alongside treatments for prostate and breast cancer.

Autoimmune Conditions

CBD is an anti-inflammatory and can therefore treat pain and disorders associated with inflammation and the immune system such as arthritis and lupus.


Neurodegenerative Disorders

Thanks to its powerful antioxidant activity, CBD can help to protect the brain cells from toxicity and ischemia making it a useful treatment for Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease.


Multiple Sclerosis

CBD has been proven to be extremely effective in relieving the symptoms of multiple sclerosis including reduction in muscle tightness, sleep disturbances, urinary incontinence and pain.



CBD has been shown to improve the symptoms associated with psychosis and schizophrenia since it has an effect which is similar to pharmaceutical anti-psychotic medications without the unwanted side-effects.



CBD has been shown to be a promising treatment for epilepsy which has proved to be resistant to traditional treatments. In trials on epileptic children, 84% had fewer seizures after being treated with CBD oil.



With around a quarter of the population suffering from depression and anxiety, finding a solution that does not involve taking medication is imperative. CBD can reduce anxiety and treat OCD and PTSD.


Chronic Pain

Known to decrease neuropathic pain and inflammation, CBD has shown promise in helping to treat postoperative pain, rheumatoid arthritis and neuropathy.



Patients who suffer from nausea and a lack of appetite can benefit from taking low doses of CBD oil. This is especially helpful in chemotherapy patients who often struggle to eat during their treatment.

. As a completely safe solution to the whole family’s health, CBD is suitable for people of all ages and has no